Preventive Care

Primary Care is the seat of preventive care. We assess, screen, provide, and counsel on preventive health.


Chronic Disease Management

Primary Care Physicians are trained to manage the majority of chronic health conditions, by initiating, managing, adjusting, and coaching patients on their chronic diseases.


Behavioral Care

Almost 30% of patients presenting for care in the medical setting also have a co-morbid psychologic health issue. We are trained to medically treat those conditions. We also have our own team of counselors to help you through it all as well.


Diet and Your Health

You spend a good deal of your day eating. The rest of the day, you spend thinking about what you are going to eat next. Seriously, your diet impacts your health greatly. We can provide you guidance, treatment, and dietary coaching.



Primary Care physicians perform interventional medical care. We do skin biopsies, incisions, joint injections, foreign body removals, and several other interventions.


Complex Diagnosis

Seeking care from several different specialists to help diagnose a single condition only provides a compartmentalized and fractured workup. Only a primary care physician can bring together all the data points to provide a single diagnosis for complex or rare medical conditions.


Referral Coordination

Should you need a specialist to intervene in your health, such as a surgeon or nephrologist, we have the market knowledge to point you in the right direction and help you make the best choice for you.


Pediatric Care

Family Physicians are trained to take care of everyone. We deliver children, we care for children, and we care for them into adulthood. We have the full spectrum of immunizations, and screen for all relevant childhood diseases.



Family Physicians are suited to provide immunizations to all age groups. We have the full spectrum of available immunizations and can provide them to our patients on a walk-in basis, including travel immunizations.


End of Life Care

At the end, the most important care we can provide is that care at the end of one’s life. We work closely with hospice services, including Hospice of the Valley, to provide that care and help those most in need of our help.